How I Started My Hobby

When I started creating my cars, I was still with some doubt about what I was going to do so it was till then I searched a little and find some pages and videos about how to make them.

These are some videos that educated me to restore and customize my toy cars. If you enjoy cars like these I invite you to subscribe to these pages and my personal page on instagram:


Another Custom Creation

This is my first post of the account that I made called “Customized_PR”. The first model I started working with was this 67 SS camaro. In these cars I mix the knowledge of creativity, paint and photography as you can see. All made by me.

These is an example of how I decided to build custom cars on my own. While browsing on instagram, I saw that people use old toy cars and customized them. I also look for videos on youtube and how they were made. Till I decided myself to start doing on my own!


This page is about movie stuff. What kind of stuff? Let me give some examples:

Movie effects behind the scenes
New Movie Trailers!
Movie Scenes!
Movie Reviews

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Check It Out!

This is what I love doing on my free time. My family wanted me to be a mechanic or something cause I love cars very much but since I loved more being an actor, I went to study that. While studying what I wanted to be, I never gave up on cars, so I started collecting them. Later, I didn’t knew what to do with some old toy cars I had till it came to me the idea of being a car painter and customizer.

The Car that is shown on the instagram post is a 68′ Chevy El Camino that was the first car I customized. I also used my talent at photography to take a nice tropical texture of the picture.

Privacy! Privacy?

What do we know about “privacy”?

On the Web we can find lots of things like apps and games that get rich by being “FREE”. Ironic isn’t it? Now here comes the scary part. Some Apps like Google, Yahoo and Facebook are relatively free. Yahoo, for example, let’s you make a email account with the condition that you let it read and see your emails. Google on the other hand, does not, but it also has his fishy tricks.

Google is a multimillionire company that has been since 1998. But how is it that being free makes them rich? Well, here’s how they work… Whatever you look on the google search bar, whatever you enter and whatever you download from google, it gets sold to other app companies such as Instagram or Facebook. Even Youtube joins this cat fishing party.

Now, how do we know or what do we do to browse safe on the web? Well, there are some devices like Apple that have a very strict policy to ensure you are safe and whatever you do it’s safe. Now some apps to secure your web browsing, can be Firefox as an example of the safest one since it deletes you data as soon you close the app.

My experience on the Web

In this post, we will be seeing various points of view about the Web. All in Positive and negative ways that I browse using the internet.



“Make Browse Love, Not Browser War”byjalbertbowdeniiis licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Web is a whole new world without limits. A world where creativity flies free. The Web can be a tool as it can be a deadly weapon. Some people, use it as a resourceful tool to work and learn on the job, school and even in their houses. Other people use it for criminal acts. I’m the kind of person thats uses it as a tool, a newspaper, an entertainment resource and many other things.

The things I look and do on the web are watch movies, explore cultures, educate myself throught reading information, learn about cars and download art. The Web for me is my daily 3 meals. I need it to go on in life because thats what mostly all depend on. Everyday and everytime I use the internet for everything and anything because its already a useful tool where ever I go.



The Viking culture, religion and stories are an example of the browsing and exploration of what a I do as a Hobbie on the Web.

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